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The Wirejet-14G Gus has been designed and build to be one of the world’s best hand guns for producing flame sprayed coatings with metallizing wires. It has a universal gas head, which can be adapted to use any fuel gas. The standard gun is set up to spray 3.17mm wire using acetylene as the fuel gas. Suitable hardware is available for handling all standard wire sizes ranging from 4.76mm down 1.6mm. The controlled speed range of the Wirejet-14G Gun is from about 2 to 15 feet wire per minute with standard gears to approximately 5 to 15 feet per minute with the special easily installed, high speed gear set. The high-speed gear set is for continuous high speed spraying of the lower melting point metals such as zinc, Babbit and tin. Although the Wirejet-14G Gun has been designed primarily for hand-held operation, a simple, rugged tool post fixture is supplied with each unit to permit mounting on a machine tool such as a lathe.