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PowderGun 5GII is a thermal spraying gun to deposit metals, ceramics or cermets, available in powder form, on to solid work surfaces. The powder to be sprayed is carried in a hopper mounted on the gun. The powder is fed by gravity through a metering valve and is drawn at a reduced pressure into an aspirator chamber. The powder is then propelled through an oxy-acetylene flame. The flame melts the powder and propels the fine molten metal particles towards the work surface to be deposited there in. As only a minute amount off the powder is lost by being blown away or consumed in the flame, the deposit efficiencies are very high, nearly 100% in some cases. Sprayed coatings are dense and uniform. The gun can be operated both manually as well as held in a tool post for large volume automatic production. The design of the gun is such that it can spray a wide variety of powders without change of nozzle.