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The GMA PowderGun 6GII Powder Spray Gun is a precisely engineered production tool designed to provide the most economical, uniform and high quality coatings. Emphasis has been placed on simplicity of design, reliability, ease of control and coating repeatability.

The GMA PowderGun 6GII Gun features GMA Developed siphon-jet gas head construction, which makes the gun extremely resistant to backfire and backfire damage. Powder is fed to the GMA PowderGun 6GII Gun from a GMA Powder Feeder; PF-700 / PF-3350 Unit, which provides constant powder feed and feed monitoring capability. Use of the Powder Feed Unit also allows the gun to be held in various spraying positions, without affecting control of powder feed rates.

The GMA PowderGun 6GII Gun is designed for hand-held manual operation. It is ideally suited for applications, which require short duration spraying, sample piece spraying or where a part must be sprayed by hand because of its intricate shape. Spraying can be done in any position. Included as part of the handle is a bracket and stud suitable for machine tool mounting the gun.

Standard installation includes :

Gun 6 G II (6 P II)

Gas Manifold

Console including

Air filter with automatic purge

HVOF Gas Flowmeter

box including flowmeters, air filters and safety

Oxygen Manifold

Nitrogen Manifold

Powder Feeder GMA 700 or 3350