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MICROJET PULL GMA is a New Generation High Velocity Combustion Wire Spray System (HVCW), which provides supersonic spray velocities, combined with improved heating and melting of the wire particles. Seven Shock Diamonds characteristic of a supersonic flame are visible in the flame. The HVCW technique has great opportunities where near porosity free high quality coatings at the most economical cost is the requirement.

Recent finds have shown that coatings obtained from HVCW technique are similar to or comparable to other High Velocity Spraying Process in term of

Lower Porosity

High Hardness

High Bond Strength

Excellent Wear Resistance

Good Surface Finish - as sprayed

Thick Coatings (if required)

High Deposition Rate

Fine Finishing Capability

Exist in low velocity mode to spray any material. For anti-corrosion, this gun is very strong, easy to use, light and confortable. His twin wheels drive don't crush wire and gives the best solution on all your metallisation requirement. Can use LPG, Acetylen, etc. and various wire diameters from, 1.6 to 3mm or 1/8 or 3/16 wire size