ACDCi 215-303-403

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For electrode welding (DC) and TIG welding (AC-DC).
For steel, stainless steel, copper and alloys, aluminum and magnesium.

The ACDCI is a welding inverter with the most recent developments. Their dynamic properties make them by all means appropriate for TIG welding of aluminum and stainless steel. The front panel allows simple trough functional adjustment. HF arc starting, digital electronic current regulation, 2 stroke/ 4 stroke, adjustable starting current and crater filling allow a perfect finish of the welding.

Adjustable welding frequency stimulates the welding speed and arc stability, independent of the balance control dividing the power partition between the welding arc and the workpiece.

The balance control allows an optimal cleaning of the weld as well as a perfect penetration.

The new NICON system enables manual pulse welding, choosing at all times the set current and starting current (Level) by a short press on the torch trigger. The anti-stick function prevents the adherence of the electrode in the bath.

The professional ACDCi is characterized by an exceptionally high effect and low consumption, protected by a compact chassis.

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Specifications ACDCi 202 ACDCi 303 ACDCi 403
Mains V 230 3 x 400 3 x 400
Fuse A T20 T20 T25
Power kVA 5.4 12 15
Regulation A 5 - 200 5 - 300 5 - 400
Open circuit voltage V 80 80 80
Efficiency / 0.87 0.87 0.87
Duty cycle 40%ED A 200 300 300
Duty cycle 60%ED A 180 230 230
Duty cycle 100%ED A 160 200 200
Insulation class / F F F
Weight kg 30 35 35
Dimensions L x B x H mm 580 x 310 x 425 580 x 310 x 425 580 x 310 x 425
Features DCI
Digital flow Regulation
HF ignition
welding frequency 50 - 200 Hz
AC - balance +/- 30%
Polarity change DCEN-DCEP
2 / 4t
Pulse welding
Start level(Nicon)
Hot start
Crater filling Downslope
pre-gas and post gas
digital display
job memory
Pulse menu
Language Option
Security code
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202 ACDCi 100.620.203
303 ACDCi 100.620.304
403 ACDCi 100.620.404
Welding torch (air cooled) 4m 8m
SR9 711BE004 711BE005
SR17 712BE004 711BE005
SR26 713BE004 713BE005
Welding torch(water cooled)
SR20 715BE004 715BE005
SR18 714BE004 714BE004
Welding torch(air cooled) 4m 8m
ABITIG9 7S1BH004 7S1BH005
ABITG17 7S2BH004 7S2BH005
ABITG26 7S3BH004 7S3BH005
Welding torch(water cooled)
ABITG20 7S5BH004 7S5BH005
ABITG18 7S4BH004 7S4BH005
ABITIG 150-200-260W-450W
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